Your face when you do what you love!

Your face when you do what you love!

This is the face of pure joy! Ridiculous joy! THIS is my reference for what your face should look like when you do what you absolutely love. Ask yourself…when was the last time your face looked like this?

What brings you the most joy? Do more if it - Laugh Liv Love Blog

I’ll never forget this day. This was right after my daughter (5 in the picture, turning 12 today) got off the stage at her very first dance recital. I’m not sure if was the newness of putting on tons of makeup, the sequins and ruffles of the costume or the energy of the audience, but the pure joy that radiated off of her face was magical. Her cheeks had to have hurt from the intensity of her smile (that lasted for days I might add). From that moment on, her and I knew she was destined to be on stage entertaining large crowds.

This is how we should all look when we go with our gut, follow our dreams and do what we love.

If your face doesn’t look like this at least some of the time (not all of the time because trust me, I have chronic resting stick face that I have to continuously work on), then you need to change up what you’re doing with your life. My face gets pretty darn close to this (or at least I think it looks that way to others…I hope) when I have the opportunity to stand up and speak to an audience about personal branding, building a business or the adventures of entrepreneurship. This is what brings me joy…and where I feel at home, in a zone, flowing in my life’s purpose. Therefore, this is what I need to do more of.

Ask yourself…what brings you the most joy. And then do more of it! I guarantee that what brings you the most joy also brings the most joy and satisfaction to your clients and customers. Boom! Win win!

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