You are NOT a blogger!

You are NOT a blogger!

You are not a blogger. Here's why… #altsummit #altcountdown

Repeat after me… “I am NOT a blogger!”

You may be scratching your head, but it’s true. And I apologize if this post rubs you the wrong way. It’s not at all meant to marginalize or minimize all of the hard work you’ve put until creating an amazing online space, building your following and even monetizing your platform. But you are not a blogger.

In the world of communications and marketing, blogging is simply a communications tool. A way of getting a message, thought or idea out into the world. It is a means. A tactic. Those that call themselves “bloggers” very skillfully and beautifully use this tool as their main (and sometimes only) way of getting their message out.

Think about this…would you ever attend a networking event and introduce yourself as a “Tweeter” or “Instagrammer”. Even introducing yourself as simply an “Author” (writing a books is a means of communicating a message) takes away from the magic of who you really are and what you do for your audience. Also, if someone asked you what your life’s mission or purpose is, you most likely won’t say blogging.

In other words, what you do (blogging) isn’t who you are (a blogger). You are an artist, a dreamer, a way maker, a stylist, a photographer, a lifestyle planner, a party enthusiast, a creator of inspirational environments. You make dreams come true. Blogging is one of the ways in which you do that.

So in a place where everyone is a blogger (Alt Summit. Darn good ones at that.) think about who you really are and resist the natural urge to introduce yourself as a blogger. We all are. 🙂 But there is none like you!

“When you are authentically yourself, your brand has no competition.”

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