Why Others are Killing YouTube and You’re Not!

Why Others are Killing YouTube and You’re Not!

I hate making videos! Why people are killing YouTube and you're not!
These are the many face I make when trying to shoot a video. I HATE doing it! And therefore I put it off much like I put off grocery shopping.

And it’s not about the mistakes (I actually like bloopers and usually leave them in) or the number of takes, it’s about getting the guts to just sit down and turn the camera on. Once I just do it, it really isn’t that bad.

There isn’t this big secret to YouTube success except to do it and to do it consistently. I’m in complete awe over the random nobodies that have turned into online (and as a result offline) celebrities with millions of followers simply because they found a way to be themselves on video…consistently.

The reason why others are killing it on YouTube and you’re not is because you won’t even try! There. It’s that simple. Hurts a little doesn’t it?

YouTube has recently started placing TV ads featuring their top channels – normal people who started by creating simple videos consistently and who are not owning the internet. They have been able to express their personal brand to a tiny audience that then grew because of consistency and authenticity.

Here is one of the many YouTube commercials featuring Bethany Mota who went from a nobody to a teen celeb with over 5 million followers in 3 years.

Here are a couple other young ladies killing YouTube with consistency and authenticity:
Michelle Phan

Take a look. Get a feel for how their personality shows through, their editing style, graphics they use, or even props they may use consistently (SuperWoman is known for wearing a different statement t-shirt in all of her videos).

The most important thing is to do it. Cut a video this week gosh darn it!

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