Who’s Reading The Girl’s Guide to Personal Branding?

The girl's guide to personal branding - read by Gwen Jimmere of Naturalicious natural hair care

My book Beautifully Branded: The Girl’s Guide to Personal Branding went to press this past Summer. Between the paperback and ebook version, it has inspired and equipped hundreds of women build their personal brands across 30 states and 5 countries.

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I’ll never forget the very first event where I talked about the book and sold it through pre-sales. It was at the She Is Branding conference for bloggers in Detroit. And the very first person to purchase Beautifully Branded was Gwen Jimmere, Founder and CEO of natural hair products company Naturalicious.

Gwen Jimmere of Naturalicious purchased Beautifully Branded: The Girl's Guide to Personal Branding and is the first black woman to hold a U.S. patent for a natural hair product

Gwen has now grown her business and brand tremendously. And I’m so excited for her! Just a couple months ago she was featured in Entrepreneur and Huffington Post just to name a few for becoming the first African American woman to hold a U.S. patent for a natural haircare product.

With a similar story as mine, Gwen needed to take care of her child after her divorce. And so her business on the side had to quickly become her full-time business with a serious income. Gwen literally took her passion and turned it into profit.

I am so proud of her and happy to say that personally use her haircare products for my daughters natural hair.

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Beautifully Branded and build your personal brand and business. You can do what you love and make a living doing it!

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