What’s your brand personality? A hero or a magician?

What’s your brand personality? A hero or a magician?

Quiz: Determine your brand's personality and archetype #personalbranding

Back when I was super young (because now I’m feeling old…I used the word “racket” when referring to loud music twice this morning) I had the privilege of working for David Ogilvy years ago in New York City. Well not exactly for him, but in his building for his company. During my brief time at Ogilvy Mather, I was young and very clearly remembered having a door literally slammed (hard) in my face by a senior copywriter. I cried in the bathroom stall, but only a little bit. Okay I cried a lot. It was a new city (New York city for crying out loud), it was first day on the job and I think I found out I was pregnant earlier that morning. Yeah, I cried a lot.

Anyway, I digress…this really has nothing to do with any of that. What I was getting to was this quote:

You now have to decide what ‘image’ you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place. –David Ogilvy

Now that we have all come to grips with the amazing, beautiful and sometimes hard to fathom fact that we are indeed our brands, it’s time to understand how our personality impacts our brand and the image we portray to the world.

If you’ve done any studying around personality types and archetypes, you will be familiar with the crew:  The Hero, the Magician, their homegirl the Sage, and on.

What’s so interesting for branding geeks like me is how the categorization and characteristics of the archetypes can play out in the branding of corporations and…people. Dr. Carol S. Pearson and Margeret Mark wrote The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes that eloquently breaks down this topic.

So now for the big question: What archetype is YOUR brand?

Branding expert Kaye Putnam created a super quick and easy quiz to answer that very question. It even tells you what other brands and personal brands fall into your same archetype, down to the color scheme that might work well for your brand. Cool right?

Click here to take her quiz!

So? What archetype are you? Is the description true to your brand? I want to know! Can you guess what I am? I’m neither a hero nor a magician. 🙂

Post in the comments below! And check out my book Beautifully Branded for more ways to express your brand’s personality.

If you’re curious, you can learn about all of the different archetypes below. Thanks Kaye for putting this together!

Innocent | Girl/Guy Next Door | Caregiver | Hero | Creator | Explorer | Maverick | Entertainer | Lover | Sage | Magician | Royalty

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