What does your style say about your personal brand?

What does your style say about your personal brand?


I hate the phrase “don’t judge book by it’s cover”! What!? That’s just ridiculous! I always pick up a book based on how well the cover catches my attention. And I always pick wine based on how pretty the label is. Would you feel as great about your purchase of an iPad if it were sold in a run down, beat up cardboard box? Of course not. Packaging is everything. Perception is everything.

The same goes for your personal brand. How you present or “package” yourself represents the contents of that package – your expertise, talents, services. Whether you know it or like it or not, your current and potential clients are judging your value based on your appearance. Ouch! I know it doesn’t feel good, but it’s true. This is human nature. We can’t help it.

So examine your wardrobe…how you dress for client meetings, presentations, networking event, even the grocery store. What are you communicating about the contents of your package and the value you offer?

– Cheap
– Easy (don’t make me break out the dating analogies here!)
– Fast
– Laid Back
– Immature
– Thrown Together
– Unorganized
– Careless
– Carefree
– Boring
– Out Dated

What would you like current and potential clients to perceive about you based on your packaging?

– Poised
– Professional
– Experienced
– Mature
– Expensive
– High Quality
– Classy
– Daring
– Fun
– Detail Oriented
– Current
– Relevant

Here’s the challenge: Every morning when you get dressed, stand in the mirror and determine the top three characteristics or adjectives that come to mine when you evaluate what you’re wearing. If you feel good about attaching these descriptors to our brand then you are good to go. If not, reevaluate. 🙂

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