Waiting for more…

I’m not just waiting for more from those around me, but I’m requiring more from myself. Not just more checks off a to-do list, more events to go to or more people to connect with, but more meaningful work. I see it all over my instagram feed, within the circles I run and the family and friends I know. It’s called potential. Sick, crazy, mind-blowing, potential. You all have it! The potential to express ideas, lead movements, inspire hundreds, empower thousands, change perspectives and make the world around us a better place. This can be done through writing, speaking, creating. It can be expressed through poetry, art, books, blogs, videos. But it will never be done if we keep waiting for more…more time, more money, more energy, more focus, more support. The time is now. For whatever you’ve been meaning to do, dreaming to do and just haven’t done. There’s a whole world out there waiting for us to step into our potential, tap into our purpose, move from just thinking about it to actually being about it. About the calling God has placed on our lives. For right now.

So now, how are you going to take action? What’s missing? Why are you stalling? Don’t say it’s time, money or energy. What if you have everything you need already to succeed? What if all you’re missing is a focused plan of execution and help staying accountable to that plan?

We have a couple months left in this year. That’s over 8 weeks, over 56 days and over 1,344 hours for us to create and launch something good and meaningful.

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