Wait…It’s December?! Prepping for the New Year

Holy crap! I literally woke up last Friday morning with the shocking realization that it is indeed December.

December!!! With 4 weeks left in the year, I have a sense of drive, urgency and energy that in all honesty could have been helpful months ago, but nevertheless, it is here now.

So now (in addition to putting up my Christmas tree and trying to figure out what to get two tweens and a teenager o_O for Christmas), I’m taking full advantage of these next few weeks to make some last minute end-of-the-year magic.

Here’s how to make the most of December:

1. Complete something, anything. Finish or launch one of the many things you started in 2017. The can be a small task or huge project. I have a running list of all of the great thoughts and ideas I have along the way. It’s time to revisit that list and see what one thing can be checked off.

2. Take time to reflect and record. Write down how you feel in this moment as you wrap up 2017, what felt great about the year and lessons learned. And since life can be uncertain for us all, create a list of the “5 Things I Know for Sure…” to help you stay grounded and grateful.

3. Set some clear, actionable, attainable and measurable goals for 2018. And even more important than goals (that you may or may not follow through on), it setting a healthy theme or intention that you will focus on throughout the year.

4. Create intentional and memorable experiences that bring that intention to life. The experiences can be with family members, business partners or done solo. The point is to take a moment to pause and life with intention. Way more valuable than any gift under a tree.

I’d love to hear how you are wrapping up your year, what things you know for sure and what project you’re going to check off your list. xo, Olivia

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