Monday Motivation – Using Spotify to Build Your Brand

Monday Motivation – Using Spotify to Build Your Brand

Good morning Monday! I’m finishing up my morning routine and listening to my Monday Motivation playlist, looking forward to this new week and new opportunities to make an impact in my business and in the lives of those around me.

A person’s personal playlist says a lot about them (don’t judge me too harshly when you listen to mine 🙂 …I left off Justin Bieber for a reason). Imagine what it could say about your brand!

What better way to connect your brand with people (reaching their heart, not just their head) than with music? Music touches the soul in a way that mere words can’t, drawing on feelings and emotions. It allows you to create a true brand experience and leverage the notion of emotional branding. You don’t want people to simply “like” your brand, you want them to fall in love.

Spotify makes it easy to use music to add a layer of personality and emotion to your personal brand. Here’s how:

Spotify to Build Your Brand

1. Create a free Spotify account using your business’s email address and keywords that describe your business’ offerings (instead of simply using Facebook to login).

2. Spotify has provided the option to create branded playlists and apps. These are great tools for larger brands as they require advertising dollars.

3. Add a layer of emotion to your blog posts by creating a playlist that goes along with your post topic, just like I did here. 🙂

4. Use your community as curators by giving your followers the ability to add songs through a collaborative playlist. You could even have a contest to encourage engagement.

5. Create a special playlist around an event or launch of a new service or product. Check out Obama’s playlist for his 2012 campaign.

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