The Entrepreneurial Power of Red Lipstick

My first real photoshoot was several years ago and I brought a friend with me to help me change clothes, tell me if my hair was acting crazy and to make me laugh. This isn’t just any ordinary friend. This is the one friend who always has something inappropriate to say and tells the truth, sometimes brutally. Which is why I love her. During the shoot, she insisted that I put on her red lipstick. “I look like a whore”, I said. “Exactly!” she said. And now, fast forward several years…red lipstick is my go-to and part of my brand.

Other celebrities (I say “other” because I’m a celebrity at my house and on my blog) have adopted red as a signature color such as Marilyn Monroe, Janelle Monet, Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, and the beloved Iris Apfel.

When I went red, I didn’t realize how empowering it would be for me and my brand. I would always see women so confidently wearing the color and thinking to myself I wish I could pull that off. Like it was something only few could do or had the face for. It all comes back to confidence. The only reason not all women can “pull off” red lips is simply because it takes some confidence and courage to just do it.

The Power of Red Lipstick - Women Entrepreneurs - Olivia Omega

It’s no mistake that red stands for power, passion, boldness, energy, war, strength, desire and dominance. It’s the entrepreneur’s color for sure! Research shows that people fixate on red lips the longest. And that it literally transforms a woman’s attitude.

There are 285 shades of red to the naked eye. So finding the perfect shade of red is extremely tricky to me. Some turn bright orange or pink on my skin after a couple hours making me look more like a mess than a mogul. But I finally found a shade that won’t turn, feather or fade. The perfect “Crimson” color in a suede matte crayon by gloMinerals. I’m in love!

What’s your signature go-to color? What is something (whether lipstick, a color of clothing or shoes) that you’ve always wanted to wear, but didn’t think you could “pull it off”? You just need the attitude and confidence to rock it…and be fabulous!

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