Thank God for the Small Gigs

Thank God for the Small Gigs

We’ve all heard the “started from the bottom now we’re here” or “before they were famous” stories… the multimillion dollar business owner who was homeless or the Oscar-winning actress who waited tables before her big break.

It’s important to remember that even after receiving your calling, purpose and vision for your life, there will be a time of small gigs and small pay. But don’t be discouraged! Everyone really did start somewhere.

I love this Ranker article of music artists before they were famous at their worst gigs ever. It features video of Nirvana playing in front of no one at Radio Shack and Eminem performing at his high school talent show among others.

So the next time only 4 people show up for your workshop and they are all family members or you’re asked to teach a class at a store filled with distracted shoppers (that was me…Babies R Us 2005), picture LL Cool J performing for an empty college gym in Maine for people who had never heard of rap or scratching before. Then smile, thank God for the small gigs and rock it like it were the Grammys!

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