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Flops & Failure – My Interview with Kathy Bacon

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I first met Kathy Bacon of “What’s Your Story?” an entire lifetime ago when my babies were babies, business was booming and life was a big ball of excitement and opportunity. I was leading the Denver chapter of Ladies Who Launch and growing a local community of thriving women entrepreneurs. That all came to a screeching halt when my marriage…

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A Call from The Ellen Show & Your PR Questions Answered

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OMG! A couple months ago I got a call from The Ellen Show! Ummm…yeah. Crazy right?! When I posted the news on Facebook and Instagram, people kept asking me when I would be on the show. Well, I wasn’t pitching myself (this time). The producer was calling me about a potential client that I had pitched. And TODAY… they appeared on The…

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Why Your Business Can’t Survive Without Video

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A Video is Worth 1,000 Photos And Worth The Investment We can’t stress enough to our clients that getting in front of the camera on a regular basis is critical to building your brand. High-quality video does several key things: 1. It elevates your brand by creating preeminence that sets the tone for a premium price 2. It allows you to build…

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Website/Blog Mini Makeovers

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During the free branding training, I featured 3 lucky ladies who received mini makeovers. And here are the befores and afters! Check out the video below for a walkthrough of the personal branding and digital strategies I used… You can also watch the replay of the branding training here. And…sign up for my boot camp & mastermind here (limited spots).…

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Monday Motivation: Money Matters

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This has been on my heart to share with you all. I was nervous about creating this video, but it’s the first of many “Sermonettes a la Liv” 🙂 The purpose is to encourage those of you worried about money and making ends meet. I hope it blesses you! ‘Cause it’s real out here in these entrepreneurial streets! LOL

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Dance to the beat of your own brand

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When I was young, dance was a form of expression and a place where I had confidence. I was good at it…better than two of my brothers who are closest to me in age (wonder if they would beg to differ). LOL Attempting to beat them in just about everything I possibly could sparked some competitive issues that I choose not to address in this…

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