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Flops & Failure – My Interview with Kathy Bacon

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I first met Kathy Bacon of “What’s Your Story?” an entire lifetime ago when my babies were babies, business was booming and life was a big ball of excitement and opportunity. I was leading the Denver chapter of Ladies Who Launch and growing a local community of thriving women entrepreneurs. That all came to a screeching halt when my marriage…

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A Call from The Ellen Show & Your PR Questions Answered

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OMG! A couple months ago I got a call from The Ellen Show! Ummm…yeah. Crazy right?! When I posted the news on Facebook and Instagram, people kept asking me when I would be on the show. Well, I wasn’t pitching myself (this time). The producer was calling me about a potential client that I had pitched. And TODAY… they appeared on The…

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3 Keys to Infusing Magic Into Your Story

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I recently saw this video on Facebook and was moved. Talk about an inspiring story that pulls you in, captivates the heart, then inspires you to act. Aside from the beautiful scenery and amazing videography, this video leverages 3 key secrets to storytelling that make magic happen. We all have a very powerful story to share. And it doesn’t necessarily…

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Monday Motivation: Make it yours! How to customize your content

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Geez, how is it Monday again already! It’s almost July and the summer is in full swing. My goal over the next couple months is take advantage of the warm weather and beautiful Colorado scenery by spending more time with my laptop in fun spaces (i.e., today’s office is at the pool with the kids) versus staying stuck at my dining room table.…

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You are NOT a blogger!

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Repeat after me… “I am NOT a blogger!” You may be scratching your head, but it’s true. And I apologize if this post rubs you the wrong way. It’s not at all meant to marginalize or minimize all of the hard work you’ve put until creating an amazing online space, building your following and even monetizing your platform. But you…

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