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The Branding Process Starts with Strategy

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Without vision, the brand will perish! Whether building a personal brand or branding a small business, it always has to start with vision and therefore strategy. Strategy is the most important element of branding and yet it is the main thing that gets overlooked. The strategy is what guides the ship, it includes the compass that helps navigate the path…

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I’ve posted about hashtag strategy before, but I recently found this infographic from Entrepreneur magazine and had to share. Plus, boy do I LOVE infographics? <3 If you’re like many, you may not know what a hashtag is. But there’s still hope for you to step up your social media game! 🙂 But this gives you a pretty good rundown. Have fun…

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Go HAM or go home!

Entrepreneurial Inspiration Laugh 2 Comments

Being a mom isn’t for pansies (I’d use the other P word, but I hate it so I won’t)! Between the dirty diapers, unexpected blowouts, late night vomiting sessions, homework struggles, scrapped knees, parent/teacher conferences and birthday party invitations, parenting is no joke. And it’s most definitely not for the faith at heart. Owning your own business isn’t either. Both…

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