Starbucks = Womanhood: A lesson in brand experience

Starbucks = Womanhood: A lesson in brand experience


Oh, Starbucks…how I love you! I love you Starbucks because you never change. I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not and you accept me as I am. Heck, I show up unshowered, still in my pajamas with mix-matched socks and you didn’t say a word. You still gave me what I need, no questions asked. And as usual, it was good…

The first of many Starbucks posts… I am in love with this brand and have been for many years. And it comes down to two simple reasons: brand experience and consistency. The definition of brand experience is: the opportunity for the consumer to “actively engage” with the brand on a personal level through an consistent intimate experience – as opposed to “passively participate” through traditional above-the-line brand messaging.

Malia at age 7 quickly picked up on all of the elements that make up the Starbucks brand experience. The atmosphere, the company, the service, the music and even the cup.

I use her quote in every marketing/branding class I teach. The power of a brand is found in how it makes people feel, not in the product or services functional benefit. It’s all about the emotional need…Malia’s need to feel like a woman! Ha!

“Sitting here at Starbucks, drinking hot cocoa, with this music playing and this cup in my hand…it makes me feel like a woman.” – Malia, age 7

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