Online Course: Take Your Blog from Good to Great!

Online Course: Take Your Blog from Good to Great!

If you currently have a blog, congratulations! It’s a big step to create a public platform to express yourself for the world to see, love and potentially even criticize. Hat’s off to you!

Now that you have ventured into the blogging space, don’t get too comfortable. Now’s the time to take your blog to the next level and go from good to great! I am teaching a 6-week online intensive workshop that will optimize your blog by increasing your brand presence, optimizing SEO, understanding Google analytics and more!

Online Course - Taking Your Blog from Good to Great!

Topics Covered:
– Making sure you already have the necessities
– Developing your digital map (how social media interacts with your blog)
– Increasing “stickiness” through back-linking and post suggestions
– Mastering SEO
– Optimizing images and other content
– Google analytics
– Branding boosters
– Developing your blog’s media kit

Click here for details and to register for available sessions! Space is limited…
For a full list of classes and workshops I am currently offering, click here. 🙂

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