Monday Motivation – Watch this then be awesome!

Monday Motivation – Watch this then be awesome!

Happy Monday morning! And it’s the first Monday in May. You only have 4 of these so make them count!

Today’s motivation is brief (so much to do this week), but it sure is powerful! Take just a couple minutes (3:09 to be exact) at watch this video. It says it will change your life and I believe it truly has the power to do so. Though you may have to watch it a number of times…if you’re anything like me, you forget half the stuff you see and read. So constant reminders are necessary. Which is why you should pin, tweet and share this on fb so you won’t forget about this video and your friends won’t either.

Get ready to be awesome! xoxo

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  • LEA May 6, 2013 2:01 pm

    What makes me “itch”? all retch and no vomit, it never gets there. Consider the question: What do I desire and how would you really enjoy spending your life?
    Thank you for this. I am at a crossroad. Unable to see me in anything I am doing right now. But how do you begin to dig your way out of something that took so long to bury yourself in? Just Do It, is not gonna work. Am I stuck? Am I stupid? Am I stuck on stupid? lol! The constant urge to runaway if ever present, but I got nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.

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