Monday Motivation: Self-Love Reminder

Monday Motivation: Self-Love Reminder

Monday Motivation - Self Love Reminder - Olivia Omega

The concept of self love can be really hard for some of us. *raises both hand* Sometimes I really suck at it as a matter of fact. I believe that the people who are most likely to neglect the act of self love are women, moms, creatives and entrepreneurs. If you fall in the category of all 4 good luck! We are a special breed…givers. Almost to the detriment of ourselves.

From the smallest things like sleeping in, skipping church (on occasion) or eating ice cream for breakfast (yes, I do this as a sign of affection for myself…in the bathroom with the door locked so my kids don’t ask for any) to taking a yoga class or going on a quick drive, taking time out to love ourselves is critical to our outlook on life, and to our overall success and well-being. So much easier said than done!

So I challenge you to take a 10 minute break from what you’re doing to love yourself. Go for a walk, paint your nails, dance like no one is watching (well…maybe no no one), have a second brownie. What are you going to do today?

In addition to loving yourself, it’s extremely important to take time out every now and then to show some love to your personal brand! Click here to learn more about my 31-Day #lovebrandyou Challenge. xoxo

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