Monday Motivation – When your ROAR sounds more like RAAWGG

Monday Motivation – When your ROAR sounds more like RAAWGG

This is my real Monday morning face (minus the lipstick).

What I would like people to think I’m thinking: “Let’s go! Can’t wait to own Monday and kill it this week. Thank you Lord for another opportunity to walk in my calling and make this week count.” #riseandgrind #yolo #blessed

What I’m really thinking: “What the heck? How is it already Monday? How did the weekend go by and I didn’t get anything done? How am I starting the week behind? I’ll get it together and start over tomorrow I promise.” #mondayssuck #iwantmybed #entrepreneurshipisoverrated

This is when your strong and powerful ROAR sounds more like a grumpy laughing (as to not cry) hyena…RAAWGG cough choak.

We all have mornings like I did today where you wake up a little less enthusiastic about the tasks at hand and the responsibilities of being an adult look even less appealing than normal. These are the days when I wish I was 4…I’d get my meals fed to me throughout the day, get to play contently by myself, am forced to take a nap and have no concept of time and money. Oh the life of a toddler!

Back to life, back to reality. The reality is we have the ability to shape and form our day simply based on our thoughts. Change your attitude, change your situation! I used to roll my eyes at the saying “Think yourself happy”, but it is true. On those days when your ROAR is laking, begin to speak life to your situation and paint the picture of your day that you want to see.

I want to hear you ROOOAAAARRR! I absolutely love this song!

Congrats to Lakewood, CO high school on an awesome lip dub of Roar!

“You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; and light will shine on your ways.” – Job 22:28

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