Monday Motivation: Rise and Shine!

Monday Motivation: Rise and Shine!

This Monday motivation and San Francisco sunrise is coming to you from Port 30! I’m traveling today, teaching a Facebook class and appearing as a guest panelist at a sewing conference (BERNINA University).

Your mornings, the first moments of the day are sacred and literally set the tone for the next 24 hours. Monday mornings are even more important because they can go as far as setting the tone for the entire week. No joke!

No wonder why some of my days are filled with the feeling of chaos and stress. Jumping directly out of bed and hitting the ground running like a tornado, at the insane pace of an entrepreneur/mom/Aries/Type-A woman can set a very crazy tone for the day to say the least.

Here are some things I do in the morning to ground myself and set a tone of peace, control and purpose…45 minutes max:

– Meditation (30 minutes)
This looks different for everyone, but I always start the day spending time with God and on my church’s Morning Mediation Prayer Line at 6am (Mountain). A quick 20 minutes, this daily routine has transformed me over the past two years. If you ever feel like joining me, call in (712) 432-0900 Code: 539919#. I also spend some of the time reading the devotional book Come Away My Beloved by Francis Roberts as well as the Bible.

– Reflection (15 minutes)
Taking a moment to just sit still, stop moving and stop thinking and analyzing. This is where I get the clearest revelations. This sometimes includes coffee or tea but is always done in the same spot in the living room…my getaway couch. 🙂

– Motion (10 minutes)
The last ten minutes are spent moving, whether it’s some quick yoga poses (sun salutations) or dancing around my bedroom or bathroom (this is my “get hype music” that I’m dancing to this morning), movement gets the blood flowing and increases energy.

Now you are ready! Calm, relaxed but energized, ready to take on the day and whatever it throws at you.

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