Monday Motivation: Passing it on

Monday Motivation: Passing it on

Monday Motivation - Today I Rise - Olivia Omega

As a mom, specifically a mom of a teenage (she’ll be 13 in 2 months and 10 days she reminds me…ugg) daughter, I’m always considering what I look like in her eyes. Am I strong, courageous, brave, loving? Does she see me as cautious, careful, shy, serious? I want her to see an example she can live by…literally. I want to give her permission to be herself and anything at all. I want to give her wings so she can fly as high as she desires.

This video is inspiring and reminds me that I make a choice everyday to rise…and to show her how to do so for herself.

Enjoy and happy Monday! xoxo

Today I Rise from Wise at Heart on Vimeo.

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