Monday Motivation (on Wednesday) – Wonder Woman I Am Not!

Monday Motivation (on Wednesday) – Wonder Woman I Am Not!

**Yes, I wear this around the house on the days I need super powers
the most. It’s especially fun when I’m on conference calls…and I
happen to walk past a mirror after I’ve forgotten I have it on.
You should try it! ($1 at Target)

Monday motivation is a tad late this week. It’s Wednesday already. It’s really Thursday, but being a full three days late on this post is too embarrassing to admit so I’m back dating it. Plus Wednesday and Wonder Woman go together better than Thursday (aesthetics). All of this just goes to show how much of a mess I am this week (more of a hot mess than normal) and the need for the crown.

Life is busy and crazy and crazy busy. With so many roles to play (single mom, entrepreneur, sister, daughter, friend, volunteer, board member, church member, freelancer, errand runner, therapist), it’s no wonder we try so hard to be wonder women. I used to pride myself on multitasking like a boss. I remember years ago eating left over pizza, cooking dinner for the kids, keeping an eye on them while they played outside, swapping out laundry and returning text all while on a conference call with producers from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. When I hung up the phone I thought “Man, I’m good!” But the more I did this, the more I sucked at it.

My crazy need to always be doing multiple things at once is why I have a hard time taking baths. Please pray for me! You’re just sitting there. At least with showers you are standing on your feet (like you’re going somewhere) and you’re making progress to get out. Right? Too much, I know.

An article published early this year talks about how people who think they’re good at multitasking usually aren’t. Can I get an amen! And more recently we’ve found that women are just as bad at is as men. What!?! And just last week, NPR released even more research around the myth behind multitasking.


Let’s just stop! Stop trying to do everything. Stop trying to get it all done at once. Stop dividing your attention and brian power. Stop trying to be all things to all people!

Here are a couple tips straight from me (Miss Maniac Multitasker) to you:

1. Do one thing and one thing only
There is only one you, so it makes sense that you should do one task. If I am making dinner, I’am just making dinner. This is the HARDEST thing for me. I have to turn on music so I can sing or dance in the kitchen…something!

2. Put your phone in another place
I’m getting anxious just typing this. If my phone is in a completely different room then I can’t check text and email if my one task is to do something else.

3. Close browsers
Looking up right now, I have 8 browser tabs open. Shut things down (especially social media sites) and only have one or two max open at a time. The second I get a notification that I have an email or a tweet (from someone I don’t even know), my attention is diverted and it takes me twice as long to finish the one task I need to do (like write this blog post).

4. Listen with your whole body
This is something Gabe taught me since he is having to learn it at school. When I am having a conversation with someone, I need to be listening with my ears, eyes, overall body language and hands…yes hands (put your phone down)! Try doing this. It’s harder than you think, but makes such a big difference.

5. Slow walk
Slow down! Walk just a little bit slower, type a tad slower, walk up the stairs instead of running (this one is painful for me), and drive slower (oh lawd!!!). Slowing down allows you to focus on the present task and live more in the moment.

Disclaimer: Again, I am not perfect. Do as I say, not as I try most of the time, but not frequently enough to do. 🙂

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