Monday Motivation: Music for the SOUL

Monday Motivation: Music for the SOUL

Monday Motivation: Music for the Soul - Transforming the morning

This morning was a little rough. Not just because it’s Monday, but because the kids just got done with spring break. To say the least, none of us were ready to get up and have to be someplace…on time. And here comes the part where I admit that sometimes I’m not on top of things. Both of my kids will agree, especially since we were out of cereal and syrup this morning which “ruined” breakfast. And when I refused to take the sneakers off my feet because my daughter (who loves the fact that she is almost my height and wears the same shoe size) forgot hers I also “ruined her life”. Oh, and did I forget that a science project was due today? Yes, yes I did.

Here’s where the music comes into play. Leaving the school (we pulled up 2 minutes before the bell rang…score!), I blasted “Flawless” by Beyonce as loud as my mediocre but impressive speakers would go (almost). I did this simply because I knew that it would magically transform my morning. For 4 minutes and 10 seconds, I was turned into a badass for lack of better words and my Kia SOUL into a Porsche. And words from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie always have a powerful effect on me. Can you guess what song turns my Kia SOUL into a Hummer?

That’s all I’ve got folks. No profound wisdom, entrepreneurship motivation or branding tips in this post. Carry on…



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