Monday Motivation – Mastering the Art of Saying No AND Yes

Monday Motivation – Mastering the Art of Saying No AND Yes

Some top-of-the week motivation from my dining room, complete with disco ball for impromptu dance parties…

Most of my adult life I’ve been trying to master the art of saying no and only doing things that bring me happiness (see last week’s post about being kind to yourself). I got into the self-defeating habit of saying yes to almost anything because I could – I have the skill and ability, I’d be pretty good at it, I want to make people happy and, frankly, I love to be busy. I don’t even need to go into the adverse side effects of this mentality. Talk about over committing myself!

For the most part, I’ve become much better at not doing things I don’t want to do (I said for the most part…old habits die hard). I’m often surprised at people’s reaction in response to my “No thank you!”. It feels pretty darn good. But please don’t ask me to design a logo. Changes are I will say no and if I say yes, you’ll know I really don’t want to.

Well, what if I told you to start saying “yes” and become a Yes Woman? Now that we’ve gotten so good at saying no, we start to miss out on things life has for us, especially when it involves something new or scary. This week, when presented with an opportunity, consider saying yes if:

– It is something you’ve never done before
– It pushes you out of your comfort zone
– It makes you a little vulnerable
– It doesn’t go against your morals and values (enough said)
– It just might make you happy (or at least won’t make you unhappy)
– He has all (or most) of his teeth, isn’t married and doesn’t have a baby on the way

Riddle me this… could it be possible to master the art of saying no to things that don’t make you happy by practicing the art of saying yes to the things that do?

Happy “Sure Why Not” Monday! – Olivia

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