Monday Motivation: How to Increase Profit

Monday Motivation: How to Increase Profit

Monday Motivation - How to increase profits - Olivia Omega

It’s Monday! Again… Wow, where did the week go? Where did January go??

For many people, Monday is a reminder that the weekends are too short and that life goes by too quickly, that our days fly by in the blink of an eye. On Mondays I often wonder what I did or accomplished over the weekend and what the heck I ate for dinner the night before.

For many entrepreneurs, Mondays are a day to set our business intentions for the week and more specifically look at what income producing actions (IPAs) we can do during the week to bring us the most revenue. Oh revenue… Where are you and how can we get more of you?

How to increase your business's profits via Olivia Omega - Laugh Liv Love blog

If we don’t focus on profits, our business will be unsuccessful (and our kids won’t be able to eat…lol funny but not funny). However, if how much money we bring in is the only thing we focus on, I’m afraid our businesses, organizations, ministries and therefore our lives start to become meaningless.

My sister showed me the Tedx Talk below. In it Dustin Garis talks about his quest to find out why time flies as we get older. I can honestly say that the closer I get to 40, the quicker I seem to get there. What he found in his search was crazy (crazy because it make so much sense).

Life is not the number of days you live. It is the number of days you remember.

The fact is that as we age, our lives become a more and more engraved routine with fewer and fewer memorable experiences. When we were kids, everything was such a big deal both positive and negative. I remember not getting a Valentine card from a particular boy I liked when I was 6 like it was yesterday (oh yeah…V-Day is almost upon us…I almost forgot..just kidding 😐 ). It rocked my world and still does to this day lol. I also remember having the opportunity to dance to Michael Jackson’s PYT in a dance showcase that was aired on TV that same year. No wonder time seemed to stand still as a kid…everything we did was a big experience and we lived in the moment because what else was there? The moment was everything. The memories were everything. No cares. No worries. We embraced experiences good and bad.

The other day, my 12-year-old daughter said to me “I will never forget yesterday’s breakfast for as long as I live.” Shocked, I asked her why. She said it was the first time I made both bacon AND sausage together. Hmmm…I really don’t think thats true but it’s possible. She was so excited that she could have both at the same time and was ecstatic at this little, simple pleasure. When’s the last time you got excited about your choice of breakfast meats? When was the last time you got excited about anything? What about the super small, daily stuff?

The Tedx Talk encourages us to look at profits differently. It has us examine how much “LifeProfit” we have. How many memorable experiences are we creating daily, weekly and monthly to in other words stop time? Our aspiration shouldn’t be to live a successful (profitable) life and to create a successful (profitable) business. It should be to live a memorable life and to create a memorable business.

So with only a couple weeks left in February, what IPAs are you going to do to increase your life profit?

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