Monday Motivation – Entrepreneurial Lessons from 2,000 Feet

Monday Motivation – Entrepreneurial Lessons from 2,000 Feet

It’s June and it’s finally summer time (the fickle Colorado weather had us all down for a minute there)!

Now that the pools are open and the kids are out of school, it’s time to make summer plans that push us out of our comfort zone and even scare us a bit. There is a general fear of the unknown that keeps us from embarking on adventures big and small, that may lead us to the knowledge, awareness, understanding, blessing or miracle that we’ve been seeking. This awareness and understanding may even be the key to unlocking what may be holding your business back. Gaining new perspective in the natural can lead to new perspectives in the spiritual and entrepreneurial.

This is exactly what happened when I took my first hot air balloon ride over Boulder, CO.


Entrepreneurial Lessons from 2,000 Feet

1. There are no guarantees
Before boarding the basket we had to sign a waiver with clauses explaining “chance of death” and “chance of being arrested for accidental trespassing”, etc. I honestly got excited at the thought of unplanned mischief. With any adventure comes a small chance of death. With any entrepreneurial venture comes a small chance of failure. Don’t let risk deter you from taking the leap!

2. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the balloon
We were told to wear sunscreen and hats. It wasn’t until we got up in the air that I fully realized why. Not only are you exposed to the sun’s rays that are even stronger/closer at 2,000 feet, but the fire itself that is needed to keep the balloon afloat is extremely hot. It honestly felt like my hair might catch on fire (Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial reenactment). In running your own business, you will be able to take the heat as long as you are prepared.

3. The arial view is always prettier than what can been seen on the ground
It’s always important to take a step back every so often to look at where you were, where you are and if you are on the right track to getting where you want go. It’s impossible to get the bird’s eye view from the ground in the midst of the weeds. The view from 2,000 feet up was breathtaking…incredible to say the least. It reminded me of how awesome our situation can be if we just change our perspective. While tending to the weeds is necessary for small business survival, escaping to check out the beautiful big picture is essential for small business growth.

4. Loss of control isn’t always a bad thing
I always thought the pilot had complete control over the elevation, speed and direction of the balloon. Come to find out they don’t! Our pilot had been flying hot air balloons since he was 20 years old (over 30 years) and said that he is always surprised at where it lands. As we were descending, he gave us a couple scenarios…we could land in a random field, on a farm crop, in the yard of a house (this is where the possible arrest would come into play) or in the Walmart parking lot. He could steer the balloon up or down to catch different wind currents, but the final landing place was out of his control. You can’t predict the future of your business, but you can steer it in the direction you have visioned it to go.

My flight movie… Enjoy!

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