Meditation for Creative Entrepreneurs

Meditation for Creative Entrepreneurs

Sitting still and quieting the mind is one of the hardest things for me to do. In my opinion, it’s especially hard for women entrepreneurs, creatives and moms. Face it, our minds are everywhere! I’m always running, catching up, thinking, planning…and even worrying. Even while praying or attempting to meditate, things still race in my head. Meditation is truly a practice. Umm…because it take practice.

Lucky for me (and you), my past client and friend Nicole Tingley just released the most amazing audio called the Guided Life Purpose Meditation just for people like us. Seriously, as I was listening to it I felt like she created just for me. 🙂

It focuses on your life’s purpose, balance, clarity and focus.

So stop what you’re doing (if the song “The Humpty Dance” just popped into your head then you and I were meant to do a dance party together), click here and download this super awesome, absolutely worth it, totally free and completely meant just for you meditation. Get ready to zone out for the most amazing 30 minutes of your day!








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