3 Keys to Infusing Magic Into Your Story

How to infuse magic into telling your brand story - Creative women entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants

I recently saw this video on Facebook and was moved. Talk about an inspiring story that pulls you in, captivates the heart, then inspires you to act. Aside from the beautiful scenery and amazing videography, this video leverages 3 key secrets to storytelling that make magic happen.

We all have a very powerful story to share. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be one of tragedy turned to triumph. I hear all the time, “I haven’t really gone through anything major to talk about.” Storytelling for the purpose of building connection and inspiring doesn’t have to be about being the victim of some huge life circumstance. It can simply be about a place of doubt or uncertainty. Or a time of true clarity or hope. I can’t think of a single person who’s never experienced doubt or clarity. If that’s you, we need to talk! 🙂

So now that you know you have a story to tell (no excuses), you can actively use the following 3 key ingredients to bring your story to life whether on your blog, during speeches and videos or even just one-on-one.

3 Keys to Infusing Magic Into Your Story

1. Recall a Time
Go back, way back. Much of who we are, how with think and act, and our outlook on life situations is formed during our childhoods. Take your reader back to when you were a kid. And not just to an era, to a specific instance. Tell a specific story and include deets…the people, seasons, sounds, colors and smells that you remember.

2. Reflect on Thought Process
Allow your audience to get into your head and give a retrospective account of your thoughts. Talk about what you were thinking at that time and how your thoughts then are different from what you know and believe now about your situation and yourself.

3. Hand Over the Keys
Some people are hesitant to do this when sharing their story because they don’t want to speak to what works for everyone. But in your instance and in your life, you know what worked for you. So a you conclude, share what you learned and what you took away from the situation. What keys made the big difference.

Watch this video and be moved and inspired to share your own story and press towards your dreams.

Fun fact: I applied and was accepted to Baylor, but then decided to attend the University of Colorado to stay close to my mommy. 🙂


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