Help save my coffee shop!

Help save my coffee shop!

Over the past couple of days I have been trying to help my neighborhood coffee shop get customers and ultimately save their business. It breaks my heart to see a local entrepreneur struggling in such a tough time and with it being Christmas.

Java Cup is in desperate need this holiday season. It is in risk of its doors closing if they can’t turn things around within the next couple weeks. Days really! There are pushing to do a 72 hour challenge to get people there over the weekend.
The owner, Chafiq told me that he would have to close his doors. He gets TONS of cars driving by as they rush to and from work to get onto Parker/225 from Hampden in Aurora. If just 30 of those hundreds of cars stopped he would be okay. Chafiq has single-handedly run the coffee shop for 2 years, investing his own money. If he loses the shop he would have lost everything.
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I live across the street and am rallying the community to get behind Java Cup. My kids have even taken a vested interest in supporting Chafiq. They made a commercial several months ago (below) as my son was shocked… “Why isn’t this place packed? I love this place!” Myself and several others have also volunteered to help with his Facebook page. My friends are family are purchasing gift cards for Christmas and boycotting Starbucks to help our local Aurora family member.


My kids and I will be holding signs on the corner of Hampden & Chambers tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 20th) and this coming week. My heart breaks for him and I will do anything I can to help.
I am asking that you help us draw attention to Java Cup in any way you can. We need to cause a ruckus!
Thanks so much! Olivia

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