Happy Leap Day! Let’s Jump!

Take a leap of faith! What have you been putting off in your business or life?
Happy Leap Day! Today we have a special opportunity…an entire extra day in the year. Do something big with it! Don’t let it go to waste. We live in a constant state of dreaming and never make those dreams a reality because we are too afraid to take the leap. But NOW is the time to jump!
Choose one thing that you can do today to get you one step closer to accomplishing a dream or big goal. Then do it! Don’t look down. Just jump. Don’t think. Just do it. God will either provide a safe place to land or will build your wings on the way down. No parachute needed. Just faith.
Who’s with me? Let’s do something we’ve never done…
 Monday Motivation - Now is the time to jump! Take a leap of faith #faith #motivation

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