Go HAM or go home!

Go HAM or go home!

Go HAM or go home! #goham #hustle #nolimits #entrepreneurship
Being a mom isn’t for pansies (I’d use the other P word, but I hate it so I won’t)!

Between the dirty diapers, unexpected blowouts, late night vomiting sessions, homework struggles, scrapped knees, parent/teacher conferences and birthday party invitations, parenting is no joke. And it’s most definitely not for the faith at heart.

Owning your own business isn’t either. Both jobs take a lot of guts, a strong stomach, thick skin and a little bit of craziness. You have to admit…every single mom or business owner you know has a little bit of crazy in them! Am I right? This temporary (or permanent in some cases) insanity forces us to stick with it day in and day out, sometimes with little to no results. In the case of kids, little to no thanks. But it’s that crazy drive and determination that eventually yields the payoff of success.

So if you’re going to be crazy (disclaimer: all mentions of the word “crazy” are in the good, non-offensive, fun sense), I say go all out! Be super crazy, super driven and super determined. Playing small doesn’t serve anyone…yourself, your family, your clients.

This is why I absolute LOVE the phrase “Go big or go home!” I also love the phrase “Grow some balls!” As people started saying “Go HAM”, I had an instant affinity for it. Ham! Of course! But I honestly wasn’t sure what it meant. Go crazy like a pig maybe. Or go wild like a wild bore. Or maybe it was as simple as bacon is the best so be the best. Ohhhh bacon!

I finally looked it up…in the Urban Dictionary of course to find that HAM means Hard As A Mother____ (expletive). To my surprise, it had nothing to do with bacon. I was slightly bummed, but super excited about how revenant the saying is to myself and to my fellow women entrepreneurs. The fact is nothing and no one goes harder than a mom! Boom!

Done. This blog post is over. Nothing left to say! Except maybe BOOM (again)!

Post a comment below if you’re ready to go HAM!

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  • Olivia
    Olivia February 28, 2014 1:21 pm

    Who’s ready to go HAM?!

  • blouson belstaff March 12, 2014 2:25 pm

    Hi there, ӏ check your blog regularly. ϒour humoristic style is ɑwesome, кeep up the gooԀ woгк!

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