Flops & Failure – My Interview with Kathy Bacon

I first met Kathy Bacon of “What’s Your Story?” an entire lifetime ago when my babies were babies, business was booming and life was a big ball of excitement and opportunity. I was leading the Denver chapter of Ladies Who Launch and growing a local community of thriving women entrepreneurs. That all came to a screeching halt when my marriage ended, my son was diagnosed with autism and my business failed.

Close to a decade later, our paths cross again, but this time in an interview from across the world! Hear my story…my failures and my blessings in this episode of “What’s Your Story?” with the beautiful and graceful Kathy Bacon.

Watch my interview below (all the way from Singapore…isn’t technology amazing?).

Share your story! How have you been able to rebound from a big flop? What would you tell other women entrepreneurs going through something similar? How can we inspire and lift each other up? How can I continue to inspire and encourage YOU? xoxo, Olivia

What's Your Story? broadcast interview with branding strategist, author and coach Olivia Omega - by Kathy Bacon

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