Dance to the beat of your own brand

Dance to the beat of your own brand

When I was young, dance was a form of expression and a place where I had confidence. I was good at it…better than two of my brothers who are closest to me in age (wonder if they would beg to differ). LOL Attempting to beat them in just about everything I possibly could sparked some competitive issues that I choose not to address in this post. 🙂 I tried my darnedest to beat them in Monopoly and Scrabble (to this day, I cringe at the thought of playing these boardgames). And the most intense competitive sport was karate. When you dad is the instructor, it’s hard not to want to kick the highest and punch the hardest. Being a girl, I had to show those boys I wasn’t a punk!! Already, I’m getting worked up. I really need to lay down on a couch somewhere!

Dance to the beat of your own brand! How to connect to your tribe #personalbranding

But dancing was my thing. I was the dance champion in my family…from my fuzzy and warped recollection. Now we didn’t have any dance tournaments per say, but if we did, I would be the champion.

Today, dance is a form of release. It’s therapy. In the middle of my living room, lights off kind of therapy. Through it I can mourn or celebrate. With my kids, I can create tradition. That’s what I call the disco ball hanging in our dining room…tradition. A couple summers ago, I took an intensive week-long lyrical workshop from a world-renowned instructor that was visiting Colorado. I was dancing with professionals 10-15 years younger than me and held my own yo! But after barely being able to walk for several weeks, I decided to stick to my living room and occasional church events.

Dance is a side of my personal brand that most don’t see, but it’s an important element that makes me unique and connects me to my tribe. How can you dance to the beat of your own brand and give your audience an inside look at various sides of you?

This video is from a year ago, but you’ll be seeing more dancing and loving and living…I promise. <3

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