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4 MUST-DOS for Guest Blog Posts

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Hy everyone! My blog is almost three years old now. So I’m still a toddler. 🙂 But I’ve coached hundreds of bloggers at a variety of levels. My little sister started an amazing blog called Messiful Mama. You should all check it out! It’s for moms who, like me, don’t always have it all together. LOL She was recently asked to do…

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10 Characteristics of Successful Coaching Websites

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We all know it’s true…professional websites are a business necessity, not a luxury. You are nothing without one. It sounds a little dramatic, but it’s a reality. And websites are a dime a dozen. It takes just a few minutes to throw up your own site on a number of free platforms currently available to entrepreneurs. But one of the…

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Website/Blog Mini Makeovers

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During the free branding training, I featured 3 lucky ladies who received mini makeovers. And here are the befores and afters! Check out the video below for a walkthrough of the personal branding and digital strategies I used… You can also watch the replay of the branding training here. And…sign up for my boot camp & mastermind here (limited spots).…

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This one thing separates your website from the pros

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Image via If you don’t already know this, then let me break it down for you yo! Your website or blog is your online face (which should always contain your actual face, but that’s another topic). It’s your first defense, your first impression. The look, feel and professionalism of your website will literally make or break you. I have this…

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You are NOT a blogger!

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Repeat after me… “I am NOT a blogger!” You may be scratching your head, but it’s true. And I apologize if this post rubs you the wrong way. It’s not at all meant to marginalize or minimize all of the hard work you’ve put until creating an amazing online space, building your following and even monetizing your platform. But you…

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I’ve posted about hashtag strategy before, but I recently found this infographic from Entrepreneur magazine and had to share. Plus, boy do I LOVE infographics? <3 If you’re like many, you may not know what a hashtag is. But there’s still hope for you to step up your social media game! 🙂 But this gives you a pretty good rundown. Have fun…

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