Go HAM or go home!

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Being a mom isn’t for pansies (I’d use the other P word, but I hate it so I won’t)! Between the dirty diapers, unexpected blowouts, late night vomiting sessions, homework struggles, scrapped knees, parent/teacher conferences and birthday party invitations, parenting is no joke. And it’s most definitely not for the faith at heart. Owning your own business isn’t either. Both…

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Monday Motivation – When your ROAR sounds more like RAAWGG

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This is my real Monday morning face (minus the lipstick). What I would like people to think I’m thinking: “Let’s go! Can’t wait to own Monday and kill it this week. Thank you Lord for another opportunity to walk in my calling and make this week count.” #riseandgrind #yolo #blessed What I’m really thinking: “What the heck? How is it…

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