Can “Mom Skills” Help Land A Client or Job?

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As a mom I’ve had every job under the sun…chef, maid, nurse, disciplinarian, chauffeur, teacher, preachers (yes, I said it), motivational speaker, employer, dictator and keeper (yeah, my daughter thew that one in my face the other day). Then there are some dirty, disgusting and thankless jobs that I can’t even mention here. Trying to keep it clean. I don’t know…

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Don’t Hate. Collaborate. Because you are dope!

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For all posts related to my 30-day countdown to Alt Summit click here. We’ve all heard it, but we’ve all done it. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” As women, we are really bad about this. We are constantly comparing ourselves to other women, moms, entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaches, authors, etc. She’s way prettier than me. She seems like she has it…

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Monday Motivation: Music for the SOUL

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This morning was a little rough. Not just because it’s Monday, but because the kids just got done with spring break. To say the least, none of us were ready to get up and have to be someplace…on time. And here comes the part where I admit that sometimes I’m not on top of things. Both of my kids will agree,…

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Go HAM or go home!

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Being a mom isn’t for pansies (I’d use the other P word, but I hate it so I won’t)! Between the dirty diapers, unexpected blowouts, late night vomiting sessions, homework struggles, scrapped knees, parent/teacher conferences and birthday party invitations, parenting is no joke. And it’s most definitely not for the faith at heart. Owning your own business isn’t either. Both…

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Monday Motivation – When your ROAR sounds more like RAAWGG

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This is my real Monday morning face (minus the lipstick). What I would like people to think I’m thinking: “Let’s go! Can’t wait to own Monday and kill it this week. Thank you Lord for another opportunity to walk in my calling and make this week count.” #riseandgrind #yolo #blessed What I’m really thinking: “What the heck? How is it…

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