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The Entrepreneurial Power of Red Lipstick

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My first real photoshoot was several years ago and I brought a friend with me to help me change clothes, tell me if my hair was acting crazy and to make me laugh. This isn’t just any ordinary friend. This is the one friend who always has something inappropriate to say and tells the truth, sometimes brutally. Which is why I…

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The Beautiful Blogger’s Brand Anatomy

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The much awaited blogger’s dream conference Altitude Summit is just around the corner. I literally woke up this morning and fully realized (and accepted) that is is 8 days away! Time to prepare I guess. Funny thing about me is that I’m a big planner, but also simultaneously a big procrastinator. In other words, I’ve been planning for months in…

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4 Ways to Keep Client Love Alive

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Wooing and winning new clients is an art. But keeping current clients engaged is a skill. We often get bogged down by the busyness of completing client work and fulfilling client requests. So much so that we neglect the personal connection and lose touch with the heartfelt love we once shared. Keeping the love alive, regardless if your client/coach relationship has…

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Denver Startup Week Prep – 10 Must-Haves

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Tomorrow kicks off Denver Startup Week! And I’m ready! If you didn’t already know, this is a really big deal! Because if you looked up the words “entrepreneurship” or “startup” in the dictionary, a map of Denver would appear. Not really, but basically. Let’s start with the stats… Colorado is ranked as the No. 4 state with the most startup…

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Visionary Journal & Announcement

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I’ve got my hands on something pretty special! It’s a new journal/goal guide/planner/calendar/motivator by Monique of Keep Chasing the Stars. And I have a pretty big announcements…which is all very fitting since today is World Dream Day! #MyOneYearGoal is helping spread the word about the Visionary Journal, a goal management system designed to help you keep your important goals top of mind and…

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