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3 Keys to Infusing Magic Into Your Story

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I recently saw this video on Facebook and was moved. Talk about an inspiring story that pulls you in, captivates the heart, then inspires you to act. Aside from the beautiful scenery and amazing videography, this video leverages 3 key secrets to storytelling that make magic happen. We all have a very powerful story to share. And it doesn’t necessarily…

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Meditation for Creative Entrepreneurs

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Sitting still and quieting the mind is one of the hardest things for me to do. In my opinion, it’s especially hard for women entrepreneurs, creatives and moms. Face it, our minds are everywhere! I’m always running, catching up, thinking, planning…and even worrying. Even while praying or attempting to meditate, things still race in my head. Meditation is truly a practice.…

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10 Scriptures Every Woman Should Know About Money

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I’ve been on the topic of money a lot lately. Mostly because I’m amazed at how the ebb and flow of being an entrepreneur can drive and impair the emotions. I always say that working for myself has been the hardest work I’ve ever done. It has also been the most rewarding. With regard to finances and revenue, the roller coaster…

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Monday Motivation: Money Matters

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This has been on my heart to share with you all. I was nervous about creating this video, but it’s the first of many “Sermonettes a la Liv” 🙂 The purpose is to encourage those of you worried about money and making ends meet. I hope it blesses you! ‘Cause it’s real out here in these entrepreneurial streets! LOL

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Dance to the beat of your own brand

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When I was young, dance was a form of expression and a place where I had confidence. I was good at it…better than two of my brothers who are closest to me in age (wonder if they would beg to differ). LOL Attempting to beat them in just about everything I possibly could sparked some competitive issues that I choose not to address in this…

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Don’t give up on love

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This is my love story. And this post isn’t what you think it is. We’ve heard it many times before…”Don’t give up on love” and “Love will find a way”…usually from a friend trying to comfort and encourage in response to a relationship gone wrong or to no relationships going nowhere. I’ve been there. And for what seemed to be…

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