Can “Mom Skills” Help Land A Client or Job?

Can mom skills help land a client or job? Yes they can! Olivia Omega Wallace - Laugh Liv Love
As a mom I’ve had every job under the sun…chef, maid, nurse, disciplinarian, chauffeur, teacher, preachers (yes, I said it), motivational speaker, employer, dictator and keeper (yeah, my daughter thew that one in my face the other day). Then there are some dirty, disgusting and thankless jobs that I can’t even mention here. Trying to keep it clean.
I don’t know how us moms do it. But I do know that all of those jobs, hats and resulting skills are invaluable! And should be coveted by any client or employer. Right?!
I was asked by a reporter if moms can use their “mom skills” to land a client or job and if they should include them on their resumes. Without hesitation, I said YES! And went on to explain how priceless the skills of mothers are.
My thoughts can be found in this article by The Network Journal:
“Moms are some of the most creative, driven, innovative, fearless people on the planet. And these skills are often underrated, overlooked and undervalued. The skills they possess, not everyone has. Of course, the one that first comes to mind is multitasking. But it goes far beyond that,” Omega, author of “Beautifully Branded: The Girls Guide to Personal Branding,” points out.
Mom skills can land a client or job - Olivia Omega, Branding Strategist
Soft skill should be emphasized, but it’s all in the way you frame them. “Instead of multitasking…Moms have the ability to effectively manage a variety of tasks while focusing on the bigger picture and desired end results; Instead of cleaning dirty diapers…Moms don’t mind getting their hands dirty to get the job done and will never ask their people to do something they won’t do; Instead of enduring sleepless nights…Moms are dedicated to putting in the long hours needed to accomplish a goal.”

So if you’re a mom and you’re going after your dream job or perfect client, don’t shy away from the fact that you’re a mom. Wear it as a badge of honor and use it to your advantage.

Go Team Moms!

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