A Call from The Ellen Show & Your PR Questions Answered

OMG! A couple months ago I got a call from The Ellen Show! Ummm…yeah. Crazy right?! When I posted the news on Facebook and Instagram, people kept asking me when I would be on the show. Well, I wasn’t pitching myself (this time). The producer was calling me about a potential client that I had pitched.

And TODAY… they appeared on The Rachael Ray Show! Awesome right?!

When I first posted about this, you guys sent me your PR questions and I’ve answered them in this video! PR isn’t as mysterious as you think and this video shares how I’ve done it for myself and past clients.

WATCH the video below THEN click here and you will find my free mini PR training video that covers the 5 most common PR mistakes that I’ve see over and over again and how to overcome them! Enjoy!

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