My Best Purchase of 2016

Well, it’s not quite a purchase, but it did require an investment of both time and money… And boy did it pay off!

Society for Creative Founder Conference to grow your creative business - Best decision ever

Can you find me in this picture? I’m the one (one of many) beaming because life was about to take a drastic shift. The best decision I made in 2016 for my business was attending the Society for Creative Founders conference/bootcamp/retreat/vacation/graduate program! If you have a strong desire to elevate your business in 2017 you need to be there. Join me (again) and the most amazing women you’ll ever meet in Pensacola, FL this March. One of the best decisions you’ll make this year.

Investing into yourself is sometimes a tricky thing. It’s sad but oh so very true that as you become a mom, you start to pour every dollar into your kids…their needs and desires. When I’m standing in the department store looking at a pair of amazing knee-high boots that will go with just about everything I own, my mind drifts to the fact that my son will outgrow his sneakers in a matter of weeks. So I refrain, and opt for bigger sneakers. I get it. It’s normal.

But the act of taking care of yourself, investing in yourself and doing something that will better yourself and your business is not only beneficial, but it is critical.

Had I not make this “best purchase of 2016”, I don’t know where things would be right now. I know I wouldn’t feel as accomplished in my business and as a result I wouldn’t feel as satisfied, fulfilled and happy as I do now. Guaranteed.

Society for Creative Founder Conference to grow your creative business - Best decision ever

As you can see, I didn’t get the memo! I’m mean, I got the memo. Heck, I even wrote the memo. But I still didn’t “get” it. I’m not talking about the memo to wear stripes on the first day of the conference. 🙂

I’m talking about the note to charge what your services are worth and raising your prices. I talk about it all the time and I’m sure you’ve heard it before. But implementing it was hard for me. This conference changed all of that! Money is a topic that I don’t have the best relationship with. But during this time I was forced to take a long hard look at my fincances, what I charge, what my margins are, how much taxes are and finally how much I need to make to contribute to my family in a meaningful way. It was a pretty painful realization of how little I was really bringing home compared to how much hard work I was putting in. Doing what you love is one thing. But doing what you love and still stressing about money is pointless.

Society for Creative Founder Conference to grow your creative business - Best decision ever

On the last day of the conference we created detailed action plans and I committed to finally raising my prices. The goal was to double what I charge within the next 2 months. But the conference gave me the confidence, boldness, courage, accountability and action steps to achieve even more. I restructured my offerings and by the end of the year I was making 3 times what I did before! I can’t stress the importance of getting away from it all to pour yourself into your business plan. That’s why I love the retreat style of this conference…I was away from the the house, the kids and most importantly my clients. I could focus.

I remember calling my husband from my room on the last night before the graduation dinner through lots of tears (not sure the voice message I left him was coherent) thanking him for encouraging me to go on this trip, supporting me and my business and handling everything at home. It was more than just a game changer. It was a life changer. And registration for this March ends soon! If you’re a maker or creative entrepreneur of any kind you should check it out. The experience could literally change your life.

Society for Creative Founder Conference to grow your creative business - Best decision ever

And this is me balling at the graduation dinner for the most amazing, life-changing conference I’ve ever had the opportunity to attend and speak at. Words can’t begin to describe what it was like to join 15 talented beautiful talented women with the same goal…to live out their life’s passion and take their business to the next level. This experience hands-down changed so many aspects of my business even as a presenter. Definitely the best investment of 2016!

Society for Creative Founder Conference to grow your creative business - Best decision ever

Photos by Ashley Victoria


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