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Alt Anatomy of a beautiful blogger - Altitude Summit - Beautifully Branded by Olivia Omega

The much awaited blogger’s dream conference Altitude Summit is just around the corner. I literally woke up this morning and fully realized (and accepted) that it is 8 days away! Time to prepare I guess. Funny thing about me is that I’m a big planner, but also simultaneously a big procrastinator. In other words, I’ve been planning for months in my head. But the execution starts now. 🙂 This unique and exhilarating blend of properties allows for some fun stories.

Regardless of the prep (or lack thereof), the most important thing to remember at any conference is that you are your brand. Plain and simple! And your brand, regardless of what that is or looks like, is beautiful!

Taken from my book Beautifully Branded: The Girl’s Guide to Personal Branding & Understanding the Anatomy of Brand YOU, here is the basic overview of your brand. The most important of them is your heart. Can’t wait to meet everyone at Alt! Let your heart shine!

Your Heart – Values/Why
The heart represents who you are and what your brand
stands for. It encompasses your passions, emotions,
feelings which make up your truest authentic self.
Your Head – Strategy
The head or the brain of your personal brand is the strategy.
The head tells all of the other body parts what to do and
where to go – with purpose. There is a vision, goals and
thought process behind everything that the body does in
service of the brand.
Your Gut – Intuition
Otherwise known as your instincts, this area of your brand is
critical when deciphering the often conflicting opinions of the
head and heart, requiring a “gut check”. When in doubt, trust
your gut…it’s always right!
Your Core – Focus
Combined, the heart, head and gut make up the most
important and synergistic element of your brand. At the core
of who you are lies the answers to who you should serve
(target audience) and exactly what you should offer them
(niche and expertise). Your core directs your brand’s voice
and message. It is what makes you authentic and unique.
Your Hands – Marketing/Outreach
They represent the marketing of your personal brand and the
building of relationships including social media and outreach
Your Feet – Tactics
The legs and feet of your personal brand represent the
actual tactics and programs that once executed, will get you
from point A to point B. This is all about execution.
Your Dress (cape) – Identity
This is your brand’s visual identity and packaging. It includes
your logo, business cards, and online graphics, all the way
down to how you dress. Being comfortable in your skin will
be key in presenting an authentic brand.

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