Be yourself and your competition won’t matter!

Be yourself and your competition won’t matter!

Stop comparing yourself! Just stop it!

We’ve all done it…seeing how we stack up next to our competition, sizing up someone else’s blog, comparing ourselves to an ex’s new girlfriend (or new wife for that matter), placing ourselves in a side-by-side face off of who’s the best. In this type of battle, I will always lose for several reasons. First, the competition really only exists in my head so I’m both the judge and the jury. You’ll never win when the one who makes the call is your worst critic – yourself.

A second common mistake I make is comparing myself to others based on criteria that I can’t control. Let’s take boobs for example. You’ve either got them or you don’t got much. And there isn’t a whole lot you can really do about it. You can go the majorly expensive route and get implants or you can throw on a push up bra and call it a day. Focusing on things that are out of our control is a pointless waste of energy and it starts to negatively impact our mood, confidence and even our results.

Entrepreneurs in your field should serve as a source of motivation and inspiration, fueling you to keep growing and to be your very best. When other business owners start to create in you self doubt, insecurities and a lack of motivation, it’s time to examine yourself closely and remember that you were created uniquely special, unlike anyone else.

You were made for a very special purpose, with a calling and vision that is all your own. We each have a physical DNA that can’t be duplicated. But we also have an entrepreneurial DNA. It flows through our blood stream and the same exact make up doesn’t exist within anyone else. When you begin to fully grasp the power within your uniqueness and the priceless value of your gifts and talents, you can complete on a level where no one can touch you. You have no competition because there are no other yous in this world. Discovering your true self, staying true to that true self and then expressing it to the world (i.e. personal branding 🙂 ) will give you an unstoppable edge, strategically positioning you in a place where you have no competition.

Your brand had no competition

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