Are people pinning from your site?

Are people pinning from your site?

Here’s a quick and easy tip to find out if people are pinning information and graphics from your website or blog. Simply go to your Pinterest source URL. Boom!


You’ll be able to see who has pinned what, how many re-pins each pin has received as well as how many likes. Note that I am obviously my biggest fan 🙂 and that this will not be an exhaustive list as there inevitably will be pins that were re-pinned multiple times and therefore may not link back to the original source – your site. But this will give you an idea of what content (and visuals) is resonating best.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.12.05 PM

By looking up my pins, I learned that the graphic below featuring my kids and a quote was re-pinned by the quote’s author Robert M. Hansel, disability activist, award-winning poet and Guinness Book record holder. Pretty cool right?


Go see if your site’s content is being picked up on Pinterest. If not, here are 3 things that will make it happen:

1. Create pinnable content – People will always pin things that help them learn something cool, crafty or that makes a hard/complicated task easy to do. People also really gravitate toward numbers (i.e. 3 tips, 8 steps, 10 tricks, how-tos, DIYs, etc.).

2. Create pinnable graphics – Pinterest is a visual search engine where everything is easy to identify through pictures. Which is always why it has been called “fantasy football for women”. Most (maybe 90%) of the content on my blog has a pinnable graphic that tells people what they will learn.

3. Add a “Pin It” button – A Pin It button is a must. And so are other easy social sharing links for Twitter, Facebook, etc. Include them on your website and blog to suggest pinning to your audience and make it easy.

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