An Interview from Across the World

An Interview from Across the World

Several weeks ago, I came across a gentleman by the name of Bernard Kelvin Clive via Instagram (the strategic use of the #personalbranding hashtag alone has produced an out-of-state speaking engagement, two major clients, a webinar gig, this international interview and more…just saying).

Bernard is an amazon bestselling author of ‘The Art of Personal Branding’, ‘The No Nonsense Guide to Personal Branding for Career Success, and ‘How to Publish your Book with Little or No Money’, with 14 published books.  In January 2014, Springboard Virtual University named him as one of the ‘Apostles of the New Economy’ leading the revolution in digital publishing. He is the go-to-guy for digital publishing and personal branding.

Go on with your bad self!

I had the wonderful privilege of appearing on his podcast a couple weeks ago. Little did I know it is the number #1 ranked Self-Help podcast in Ghana and Botswana on iTunes!

This meant that my interview would take place at 4am Mountain Time! I needed to sound awake AND smart at the same time. Hopefully I succeeded. Judge for yourself…click here to listen to the full interview. We spent the majority of the time talking about my concept of “attract or repel” and Bernard even asked the one question that I was dreading! Can you guess what it is? 🙂

Olivia Omega Interview with Personal Branding Expert Bernard Kelvin Clive - Ghana #personalbranding #podcast #itunes

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