Alt Countdown: 30 Days

Alt Countdown: 30 Days

30-Day Countdown to Alt Summit! Olivia Omega

– Remember who you are…
– You are NOT a blogger!
– 21 Days – Chronic resting b**** face

– Plot twist!
– 23 Days – Polish is part of your packaging

– Don’t hate. Collaborate. Because you are dope!

– The Biz on Business Cards

– 31-Day #lovebrandyou Challenge


It’s 30 days (okay, a little less than that) until my favorite blogging conference ever! I’m speaking in Salt Lake City at Alt Summit on June 10th about pitching yourself to media and I’m brimming with emotions…excitement, fear, anxiety, giddiness, joy, jitters. I feel like Jessie Spano on Saved By the Bell (disclaimer: no I’m not on caffeine pills…just coffee). If you’re not familiar with my reference then you missed out on a critical part of the early 90s. smh

I'm so excited for Alt Summit!   I'm so excited for Alt Summit!

To ease my anxiety (and hopefully the anxiety of others), I’m going to be posting a countdown to Alt…daily! Which actually makes me even more nervous…I don’t do anything daily except maybe breathe which is out of my control thank goodness. So here goes!

Watch for my daily countdown post on Instagram and Twitter (#altsummit #altcountdown #lovebrandyou). Also, join me for my 31-Day #lovebrandyou Challenge. Sign up below to get your daily love challenges in your inbox leading up to Alt. For 31 days you will receive a challenge that will encourage you to invest in yourself and build your personal intellectual property (Brand YOU).

What better way to go into Alt…loving yourself and building your brand! Let’s get started!

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31-Day #lovebrandyou Challenge - Loving and building your brand - Olivia Omega

Here’s a sneak peak into Day 1:

Day 1 - April is Love Your Brand Month - 31 Day Challenge #lovebrandyou

Claim your name! If you haven’t already done so, register the domain of your name. Even if you already have a blog under your blog/brand name. Even if you have no clue how, when or why you’ll use it. Just do it and call it an investment into yourself! Brand YOU of the future will thank you…trust me!

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  • Bethany Everett May 11, 2015 5:13 pm

    I was legitimately singing that song and thinking about that scene as I was reading the list of restaurants for dinner. Then read this and started cracking up. I know the feeling. As a pretty anxious person in general, this is such a great idea!

    • Olivia
      Olivia May 11, 2015 5:31 pm

      Ha! Thanks so much Bethany! So funny that my 12 year old daughter wanted to play me this “new” song she discovered the other day. She broke out with the Pointer Sisters. So much for “new”. LOL Can’t wait to meet you!

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