All Entrepreneurs Must Learn to Wild Out!

All Entrepreneurs Must Learn to Wild Out!

Wild out and make history! Advice for the #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship
So supposedly it’s Wild Out Wednesday according to the pop culture and hashtag gods. While the term is so loosely thrown around, I literally had to look up the definition.

Wild Out – /wīld/ /out/

– to get super excited or rowdy in public
– to act in a crazy, insane or humorous manner
– uncontrolled, out of control
– not under management or direction; unmanageable or acting in a wild manner

Well now I get it! And this pertains directly to the life of an entrepreneur! It takes a very type of special person to dedicate their lives to entrepreneurship. It takes a slightly insane and even crazy person to give up the security of a consistent paycheck to take on the roller coaster ride of owning your own business. This person must be courageous and fear-resistent (fearless is silly, we are human and will definitely be afraid at times but mustn’t let it slow us down).

To be successful, it takes the guts to act out in public (share your story and your passion), get excited and rowdy about your business (set others on fire), be out of control (go against the norm and what people think you can and can’t do), and to act in a wild manner (take risks and leaps of faith that may not make sense).

So I encourage you to wild out! Wild out now and wild out often!

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