A is for April & Autism

A is for April & Autism

I love this month! It’s always full of magic, possibilities and adventure. It’s also my birthday month!

During this time of year I always reflect on the woman I’ve become, the woman I want to be and what success means to me. I also try to check a couple things off my “kick it” list and be spontaneous in any way I can.

Strangely enough, for the past 5 years life-changing events (or at least they appear to be mind-blowing at the time) have happened on April 2. Crazy right?!

This year, on April 2 my focus is on National Autism Awareness Day. I haven’t talked about it much on my blog though I always bring it up when speaking that my son was diagnosed at age 3. Now, 6 years later, we are revisiting his diagnosis, therapies, services and medication. All things that would liked to have just ignored and did for the most part over the years.

April is Autism Awareness Month - Laugh.Liv.Love

My family is having to face Autism like never before. It seems fitting that the month I love is also Autism Awareness Month…full of magic, possibilities and adventure.

More to come as I begin to write about how my son sees things differently…

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