5 ways to be kind to yourself in stressful times

5 ways to be kind to yourself in stressful times


The title of this post in all reality should be “5 ways to love yourself even when life doesn’t and when you don’t take the time to either because you stink at it.”

There comes a season in every person’s life when things get a little overwhelming (or a lot overwhelming). And when the needs of kids and clients trump your own. It’s in these times that that little things we can do for ourselves make a big difference.

#5 – Drink heavily
Rise your hand if you were thinking wine! While this is an obvious first choice, we all know water is your bff. And it is even more beneficial when we are super busy and tensions are high. Get a pretty water bottle, add your favorite mix-ins, make it a chugging contest…whatever you need to do to get it down. And reach for green tea instead of coffee. Yes, I said it. Right now you need a comforting friend, not a hardcore lover!


#4 – Go to Target
Target makes everything better!

#3 – Put yourself in time out
When stress it at an all time high, it’s important to take a breather and stop what you’re doing (’cause I’m about to ruin then image and the style that you’re used to). Turn off your devices, close  your laptop (cringe) and disconnect. For some people this could be going for a run or taking a bath. I honestly don’t enjoy either, so for me, it’s yoga or dancing/listening to music.

#2 – Say NO
Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. I repeat…don’t do anything you don’t want to do. This is so much harder than it seems and takes a lot of practice. If it isn’t important to you or if it doesn’t make you happy then it can kick rocks! No kids, I’m not making dinner tonight…it isn’t important to me and it doesn’t make me happy!

And my #1 way to be kind to myself in stressful times…


#1 – Be still and listen
Taking 10-30 minutes each morning to breathe, pray, meditate and listen to what God has to say in return is critical to my sanity. I often find that if I can take some time on a daily basis to ground myself and align spiritually, emotionally and physically, I find that  worry fades and the thing that was causing so much stress isn’t really that stressful.

DISCLAIMER: I suck at both consistency and taking my own advice. So the notion of practice what you preach is out the window, but I am working to get there. 🙂

Still need some more ideas? Marthe of The Freedom Experiment has come up an awesome list of 55 ways: click here. What are some of your favorite ways to eliviate stress? Post a comment below. And if these ideas have been helpful, share with a friend!

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