#5 Reasons to Start A Blog Now

Top 5 Reasons to Start a Blog Now  - Online Blogging Course by Olivia OmegaTrust me when I say I am the queen of procrastination! For years friends told me I should write a blog to tell my adventures of being a single mother and my love for branding. And for years I put it off. Not because i thought it would be hard to figure out, but because I would stop and just commit. Partially out of fear, but mostly because of my issues with procrastination. So over 3 years ago, I pulled together a group of friends, launched an accountability group where would commit to creating a blog over the course of 6 weeks and launch together. It was a combination of a structured timeline, homework assignments and accountability that finally allowed me to launch my blog in 2013. Over 3 years, I’ve offered this blogging course and have produced 8 sets of graduates. And it starts again in about a week! If you’ve been putting off starting a blog, this class is for you and it’s open to 10 people.¬†Click here to learn more and to register!

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